Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Not Mean to be Green, the Musical! - Win Tix!

This Sunday marks the world premiere of "It's Not Mean to be Green, the Musical" at the duPont Theater in Wilmington.

We couldn't be more excited for our friends Jamie Kleman and Barbara Slavin and all the people who made the play possible.
We're awfully proud of our part in the creation of this musical and we can't wait to attend Sunday's showing of the play.
If you haven't heard me tell the story before, here it is again. When we first opened, our friend Gayle Lafferty suggested we contact a friend of hers who had written a children's book. Turns out her friend is Jamie Kleman and the book is 'It's Not Mean to be Green.' Jamie was gracious enough to show up and do a reading at our store before our official opening date.
Early in 2009, I met with Barbara Slavin, who was then the manager of the duPont Theater children's series about scheduling cross-promotions with YoYo Joe's. Barbara ran down the projected schedule for 2009-2010 and when she got to April, she mentioned that they were hoping to do their own production of a play with an environmental theme for Earth Day. I suggested she contact Jamie and gave Barbara a copy of Jamie's book.
Turns out, they hit it off and the play was born! I like to think that they were destined to meet anyway, but I am thrilled that I could have played a part in something like this happening.
So, we bought tickets to the show this Sunday and we got some extras to give away. I know it's last minute, but we have several packs of four tix available for the show on Sunday. The show is at 3 pm at the duPont Theater. You can win one of a couple ways. Either comment below that you're interested or check out our twitter feed at and 'reweet' our It's Not Mean to be Green ticket tweet.
Hope to see you on Sunday!!