Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hey Look! We're in the Paper!

A big article in the Wilmington News Journal today rounds up the triple play of media coverage over the past couple of weeks (TV, Radio & Newspaper, oh my!)

To read it, click here.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hey Listen! We're on the Radio!

'YoYo Joe' gets around...last week on 'The 10! Show, ' and this past Wednesday, Joe visited WDEL's Rick Jensen to talk about dangerous (and not-so-dangerous) toys on his afternoon show. Rick was kind enough to create a podcast to listen to. Joe was also quoted in an article in the Wilmington News Journal about 'Small Business Saturday' on Wednesday. If you haven't gotten your fill of Joe, there's gonna be an article in an upcoming edition of 'The Wilmington News Journal' about YoYo Joe's Toys & Fun and Mitchell's.

Good times!

Click here to listen to Joe on 'The Rick Jensen Show'

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hey Look! We're on TV!

Thanks to our friends at NBC10 for our second visit from 'The 10! Show' and their roving reporter Justin Pizzi!

View more news videos at:

Friday, November 12, 2010

'The 10! Show' is headed back to YoYo Joe's - show up and get a free $5 Gift-Certificate!

You might recall that NBC 10's 'The 10! Show' did a live remote last year from YoYo Joe's Toys & Fun. Well, they're coming back! On Wednesday, November 17th, Justin Pizzi from The 10! Show will visit YoYo Joe's Toys & Fun to do a live remote report on hot holiday toys. The broadcast starts just after 10 am, and we at YoYo Joe's would like a full house to set a good holiday mood. So...we're not above bribing you. Each and every person who arrives at YoYo Joe's Toys & Fun BEFORE 10 am will receive a no-strings attached $5 gift-certificate to spend on any purchase at YoYo Joe's through Wednesday. You can use it to save $5 off your purchase or just get your under $5 purchase free. It's up to you. So, show up BEFORE 10 am and get a free $5 towards your holiday shopping!
And, as the show is taped live, you can make it home in time to see yourself on TV! 'The 10! Show' is on NBC10 at 11 am. See you on Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote early, vote often

Well, actually, you can vote anytime this week. What do you mean today's election day? Oh, THAT, I was talking about the awesome chalk voting booth we have in the back of YoYo Joe's Toys & Fun, courtesy our own Beth, who's the artist behind the signs at YoYo Joe's.

As for the chalk board, it's the door to our back room. It's one thing we never painted when we moved in and we've been meaning to paint it ever since. Emily had the brainstorm to use chalkboard paint, and (in my opinion) it looks awesome!

Check our our chalkboard back door the next time you're in YoYo Joe's...