Friday, May 21, 2010

YoYo Joe's Yo-Yo Club video!

Check out this video that David, Jared and Jesse from YoYo Joe's Yo-Yo Club put together last week. 
Which reminds me, the largest yo-yo contest in the region takes place on June 19th at Aldersgate United Methodist Church on Concord Pike. YoYo Joe's is proud to be the host of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Yo-Yo Contest, one of eight regionals in the US. Winners at MAR will qualify for the US National Yo-Yo Contest in Chico, California in October!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We have a winner!

One of the many new items we got this year at the New York Toy Fair were the 'Find It' Tubes. These are tubes filled with thousands of little plastic beads, and intermingled with the beads are dozens of tiny objects. The game is to find these objects and check them off your score pad.
When I spoke to the people at the Find It Tube booth at Toy Fair, they mentioned that every tube includes among it's items a single penny. What they didn't figure on was that the penny would, more so than any other item, be incredibly difficult to spot. Whether it has to do with the density of the penny, or the weight, or whatever, that penny likes it in the middle and doesn't come out very often.
In the three months that we've had the Find It Tubes, I've seen the penny once, and that was only because Carol (one of our fantastic employees) found it and showed it to me.
A little over a month ago, we put up a little tent sign saying that if you found the penny in 5 minutes, we'd give you $5 Gift-Certificate. In that time, dozens and dozens of people have tried to find the penny, and no one has found it.
No one, that is, until last night.
Last night, 9-year-old Liam from Wilmington found the penny. Congratulations, Liam! Thanks to Liam's mom - Sue - who sent this picture of Liam, the Tube and his Gift-Certificate.
Can you find the penny? Come in and find out! You could win a $5 Gift-Certificate too!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Fling, part deux, was Awesome!

Saturday was a Blast! The store was crowded. The events all were great! Thanks to all who came by and took part in the activities. We look forward to planning our 3rd Annual Spring Fling next year. Special thanks to Bill Currier, Rocky Bluewinkle and Nik Theorin for their performances. Look for a secret special guest who showed up unexpectedly.

First up was Bill Currier, from 'We Kids Rock.' Bill performed interactive songs, complete with shakers, stuffed animals and more. Here's Bill performing a song that has people shaking along with him:

Next, Rocky Bluewinkle from our own local Wilmington Blue Rocks hung out at YoYo Joe's. Rocky played with our customers, posed for pictures and even took a ride around the store in the Flying Turtle. See Rocky at all home Wilmington Blue Rocks games (home of the YoYo Joe's Toys & Fun Dizzy Bat Race!)

Finally, 12 year-old magician 'Tricky Nik' Theorin put on a show that was a big hit with everyone. Nik was awesome!!  Here's a quick video of one of Nik's tricks:

We were surprised when Fancy Nancy herself showed up unexpectedly during Spring Fling. Thanks for stopping in, Nancy! 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring is for Flinging!

2nd Annual Spring Fling!

Join us on Saturday, May 8th for a day full of fun, give-aways, activities and a special one-day only sale!

20% Off All Day!

20% off storewide all day Saturday May 8th only! Come in and save from 10 am until 8 pm.

Bill Currier from 'We Kids Rock' - 11-11:40

Bill Currier from the Wilmington kids music program 'We Kids Rock' will be on hand from 11-11:40 to sing songs & include your kids with the music-making as they help Bill keep the beat on his songs. Appropriate for kids of all ages! Check out for information on classes at the nearby Mt. Lebanon Church.

Rocky Bluewinkle - 12 - 2

Rocky Bluewinkle, the famous mascot of our local Wilmington Blue Rocks, will join us from 12-2 on Saturday to hang out, have his picture taken or just read a book like he did last year during our Spring Fling! Check out the Wilmington Blue Rocks and the YoYo Joe's Toys & Fun Dizzy Bat Race at Frawley Stadium this summer.

Tricky Nik Theorin - 2 - 2:30

Nik Theorin, 12-year-old magician from nearby Landenberg, will put on a magic show from 2-2:30. Check out Nik's website at

Prize Drawings & Other Surprises

We'll be holding three prize drawings throughout the day!