Monday, June 20, 2011

Fastrack from Blue Orange Games - super fun!

We just got a new game from our friends at Blue Orange Games in San Francisco. They're the people who make games like Gobblet, Yamslam and last year's megabit Spot It!
Our choice to be this year's breakout hit? It's Fastrack. It's fun, it's fast and it's really simple. It's sorta like Gnip Gnop with checkers. (You remember Gnip Gnop, right?). Each player starts with five wooden discs and your job is simply to slide all your discs through the hole in the center to your opponents side before he slides all his into yours! Sounds simple, right?
Wanna try it? Come in, we have a demo set up in our store. It's a fun game for ages 5 & up and makes a great gift. You can also buy it online at and we'd always happy to wrap your gift for free (whether in the store or via an online purchase).

Come check it out!