Tuesday, November 13, 2007

10 Worst Toys of 2007

It's that time of year again! Yes, folks, people wait with bated breath for the honors that are bestowed upon the 10 Worst Toys List! Happily, Mitchell's does not carry any of these toys. Here is the list, as released by the consumer group W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys Causing Harm).

Go Diego Go Animal Rescue Boat - Fisher-Price
Sticky Stones - Geo Central
Jack Sparrow's Spinning Dagger - Zizzle
Dora the Explorer Lamp - Funhouse
Lil "Giddy Up" Horse - Sassy Pet Saks - Douglas
Spider Man3 New Goblin Sword - Hasbro
Hip Hoppa - Spin Master
B'loonies Party Pack - Ja-Ru
My Little Baby Born - Zapf Creations
Rubber Band Shooter - Simple Toys, LLC

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