Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hangin' with the Kalmar Nyckel

This past Saturday was Family Day at the Kalmar Nyckel. Since we're close personal friends with Captain Lauren Morgens (yea, we're dropping names) , we were able to set up a table at the event. The weather looked iffy when we got there, but improved to a nice sunny day by noon. The coolest thing that happened was that we donated one of our cool pirate ship kites to the ship, and Captain Lauren promptly put it together and got it up in the air. So, I snapped a couple pictures of Captain Lauren flying it. Thanks to Captain Lauren & Marcia Ferranto - the Executive Director of the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation for including us in their Fun Day. 

If you've never seen the Kalmar Nyckel, check it out today!

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