Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best of Delaware, Baby!

I headed out today to find a copy of the Sunday Washington Post. How hard could it be? It's one of the biggest papers in the country, right? Washington's only a couple hours away, right? I mean, Delaware's Joe Biden is the VP, so it can't be THAT hard to find in Wilmington, right?

Three hours later, I final
ly find one copy hiding at Claymont Newsstand, who doesn't take credit card purchases under $15 and who over double the cover price of the paper, but hey, I got it! 
What does this have to do with Best of Delaware?  - well, on our quest we found the July issue of Delaware Today magazine, which has a big half-page picture of Ciro, Jake and Louise Poppiti yoyoing at YoYo Joe's. Awesome! Plus, the writeup on YoYo Joe's. We're famous! And, our pal JonRob is mentioned in the writeup about the store as well. Who's the best?

We are!

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