Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're SEVERE-ly excited!

Tyler Severance was employee number 2 at YoYo Joe's. He was one of two people who came to work for us who previously worked at Mitchell's Trains, Toys & Hobbies. If you shopped at YoYo Joe's last holiday season, you might have seen Tyler. He was the Yo-Yo 2007 World Champion in the 5A division. For previous mentions of Tyler in the blog, click here.
Since Tyler left us, he graduated from William Penn High School and headed out to Arizona, where he's following his dream, working for yo-yo manufacturer YoYo Factory.
YoYo Factory has just released the signature model yo-yo for Tyler - the SEVERE. We were delighted to receive the first of these last week (already sold out!). I tried out the first batch and (maybe I'm biased), but it's my favorite metal yo-yo! We're also thrilled to be receiving an exclusive color combination of the SEVERE this week. We're the only store in the world to offer the blue & orange YoYo Joe's edition of the SEVERE. We expect it to arrive any day, and I will update the blog with ordering info when we get it in.
Congrats to Tyler and YoYo Factory.

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