Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pancakes + Play + Delaware Children's Museum + YoYo Joe's Toys & Fun = FUN

We were thrilled when our friends at the Delaware Children's Museum asked us to sponsor their first D@D (Dads at the Delaware Children's Museum) Event - the Pancakes & Play Breakfast, which was held today at the Delaware Riverfront Market.

My son, Ethan, and I showed up around 8:30 and brought with us one of our favorite in-store demo units - the marble run - as well as a box of yo-yos to give out to kids.
The doors opened at 9 am, and soon we were mobbed with kids. Most of the kids were a bit young to yo-yo, but we fitted them with custom string length yo-yos and it was awesome to see the looks on their faces after we helped them with their first throws.
We got to meet both co-chairs of the D@D - Delaware Lt. Governor Matt Denn & Khary Dewitt and their children.
The event was sold out and our pals at the DCM seemed quite happy with
the turnout. It was the first event where they actually sold memberships to the museum (we joined on day one - yay!). To join the DCM, click here.
We have a close relationship to the Delaware Children's Museum and anticipate working with them on cross-promotional activities. We've discussed monthly versions of our popular Yo-Yo Club at the DCM.
Thanks to Julie, Paige and Traci and all the wonderful people at the Delaware Children's Museum for letting us be a part of this awesome event.

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