Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The 'Wall of Fame'

If you've ever come into our store and walked back by the pirate ship, you'll see dozens of certificates on the wall, each featuring a YoYo Joe's yo-yo club 'Wall of Famer.' 
Believe it or not, the 'Wall of Fame' is actually older than YoYo Joe's Toys & Fun! The 'Wall of Fame' started back at Mitchell's Trains, Toys & Hobbies about 5 years ago. We started hosting a weekly yo-yo club meeting at Mitchell's and part of yo-yo club was a big trick chart with 25 tricks on it. As people came to yo-yo club, they learned the tricks on the chart. After successfully performing the trick, it was checked off and they got to move along to the next trick on the chart. The tricks get progressively harder. If they finished the chart, they were officially inducted into the Mitchell's 'Wall of Fame' and their photo was put on the wall at Mitchell's. 
We moved the 'Wall' over to YoYo Joe's when we opened back in November of 2008, and since then the wall has exploded! The original 12 members of the wall at Mitchell's are still enshrined at YoYo Joe's, but 28 people have joined them by finishing the chart at YoYo Joe's. 
The wall features lots of interesting names, ranging from local kids who worked on the chart over time to National and even World Champions who stopped in at YoYo Joe's during the past 2 1/2 years. Two of the current US National Champions grace the wall at YoYo Joe's (National 1A Champ Sebastian Brock and National 5A Champ Migeul Correa). Also on the wall are the four best yoyoers ever to come out of Delaware - former Yomega pro Justin Weber from Newark, Team YoYo Jam member AJ Kirk from New Castle, former US National and World 5A Champion Tyler Severance, also from New Castle and 5A Legend Jonathan Robinson from Wilmington! The youngest member was 11 when he finished the chart, the oldest is just over 40. Oddly enough, there are no girls yet on the wall - but there's several who are getting close! 
Well, we just inducted two new members of the Wall-Of-Fame - Stu Branoff from San Francisco, who stopped in over the holidays and YoYo Joe's yo-yo club regular AJ Busch from Philadelphia. Congrats to the newest members of a legendary group! 

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