Monday, June 23, 2008

Truly Terrible Toys

I present to you the first in an ongoing series of posts identifying what I consider to be 'Truly Terrible Toys.' Remember, it's just my opinion, your results may vary, results not typical, some shrinkage may occur.

Anyhow, my submission for today is the 'Fire Footbag.' Footbag is the generic term for Hackysack (which is a brand name). These folks have come out with the 'Fire Footbag,' a footbag meant to be ignited and kicked around. How does it get flammable? By soaking it in paraffin oil. Then lighting it. Then kicking it. Isn't there a chance that oil might adhere to your shoes, socks and/or you? The answer on their website is "Although very uncommon, certain synthetic fabrics may lite quite easily. Wear only cottons or wool while FireHacking to ensure safety. Shoes do not usally burn, however, shoelaces have been a common casualty." Oh, and the main page lists that these 'extreme' footbags are for "NO PU@%IES - NO POSERS" Ummm...ok....

To be fair, the website insists these are not for minors and specifically says they will not knowingly sell them to minors.

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