Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Phillies Parade + Press Release = A long day

Earlier this week, I sent out a press release to the local media about YoYo Joe's opening. In the past, at Mitchell's, I experienced mixed results on press releases. Sometimes local media responded, other times, no so much. So, I did not expect anything when sending out the press release.

Flash forward to Wednesday, when my beloved Philadelphia Phillies actually won the World Series. I have followed the Phillies since I was ten years old and I once actually interviewed for the position of the Phillies mascot - The Philly Phanatic (true story!). Anyhoo, when the Phils won, my brother and I both thought we should probably try to get to the parade that was scheduled for Friday. Both of us figured this might never happen again, and we should try to see something like that before we kicked off (the last championship for a major Philly sport was in 1983!) So, we headed up to Philly. About a half hour after we arrived, I got a call on my cell phone. A reporter from the Wilmington News Journal was responding to my press release and was interested in interviewing me and taking a picture of Emily and I at our store. At 2:30. About 45 minutes after the ceremony was scheduled to begin, and it took about 35 minutes to get back home. Tom & I bagged the parade (sorry, Tom!) and headed home where I barely made it to the store in time for the interview. The result - a big ole article about YoYo Joe's in the Saturday paper! Yay us!


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Joe failed to mention the authentic, game worn Bob Boone jersey he was wearing in the picture. I think it was the coolest shirt/jersey at the parade!

I did a little arm twisting to get Joe to take a day off to go to the first Philly championship parade in our adult life. We both grew up with baseball and the Phillies so I knew he shouldn't miss it. Joe was worrying about preparing for his grand opening the next day and I said something along the lines of "come on, one one will even miss you!". Well, thank goodness for cell phones. Had this been the last Phils parade in 1980, Joe would have returned home later than evening only to hear how he missed a great opportunity. Our time on Broad Street was short but still well worth it. We'll go again in 2033, but this time we'll see the actual parade!