Saturday, November 22, 2008

My new most favoritist song ever.

Back on September 10th, I posted this entry on the webpage. Down near the bottom, I mentioned how a family showed up and one of the little girls was dancing and singing, "YoYo Joe's, YoYo Joe's," and I mentioned how I kicked myself for not shooting a photo of them. Well, I have to kick myself no more! They showed up today to check out YoYo Joe's. When I mentioned that I kicked myself for not taking a picture of them, they kindly allowed me to film Kaleigh & Isabella singing about YoYo Joe's. So, I did. Their brother, Braden, apparently has heard the whole 'YoYo Joe's song & dance' many times, but was on hand to check out the store anyway. I can honestly say that one of the coolest things about the past month or so has been the comments and reaction from our customers about our store. And I can honestly say as well that when Braden, Kaleigh & Isabella & their family came by (both times), it has been one of the highlights in a month filled with awesome highlights. 

Thanks to our customers for over a month in business! 

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