Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Painting the premises

We spent most of today painting in the new YoYo Joe's. Emily (my wife) painted the office a blue that was a bit brighter than we expected. I painted the ceilings and floor trim. That's Emily in the office. That's me on the floor.
Big thanks to my sister, Wendy, who came over and spent some time painting the floor trim while I picked up my son (Ethan - that's him skateboarding in the spacious back room) and took him to piano practice. Wendy's much faster than I am, but she is an artist. Wendy and her husband Ric own The Frame Shoppe, just about a mile or so away from YoYo Joe's, so expect to see some cross-promoting going on between us. Ric is an accomplished artist as well.
One really cool moment today came when I was up near the front of the store painting trim and I heard a family go by the store (we had the doors open, since it was so nice and to try to pique curiousity about the store - if you're in the area and you see the doors propped open, stop in and say hi). I heard a little girl, in a very excited voice say "ooooh, toys!" and she popped her head in. Obviously I was happy to hear that so I went back to tell Emily about our visitor and when I came back, she was peeking in again, so I went and introduced myself. The girls sister was dancing around, singing "YoYo Joe's, YoYo Joe's." Clearly, she was happy to see us. I talked to the family and they seemed very excited about our pending arrival and promised to be our first customer. Only after the fact did I kick myself for not taking a picture of them and posting it on here.

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Lenny said...

I suggest for your new store the following toy dolls:

Brett Favre doll - Constantly says "I retire" and "I'm not retiring" at same time, with life-like tears. Comes with two jerseys.

Tom Brady doll with 360 degree rotatable knee (also comes with extra super hot model girlfriend doll). Accessories include secret agent spy cameras...great for reading other teams playbooks!

Barry Bonds doll - Comes with special "vitamins" which you can feed him and watch him double in size (also available as Roger Clemens).

Eric Lindros doll - open the box and surprise! you get his parents too. No instructions needed as the parents will tell you what to do with him.

Billy Wagner doll with spring loaded arm (spring is broken though, 12 mos. until repair). Also blames other dolls for his broken spring.

Jose Canseco doll - Big, but soft doll with extra bouncy head (drop a routine fly ball on it and watch it bounce over the fence) -Warning - glass jaw breaks easily

Tommy Lasorda doll - Mention Dave Kingman and watch its head spin in circles (adult supervision recommended)

Jessica Simpson doll - This is actually a marionette type doll that you can't play with. Her father controls the strings. Father also threatens you to give preferential treatment to this doll or he'll withhold other toys from you.

NostraDaulton doll - Transformer type doll which converts from a baseball catcher to an astral time traveler.