Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pegboard for dayz

Today, I worked at Mitchell's all day. Emily was at YoYo Joe's, where she and my brother-in-law Ric painted miles of pegboard. The pegboard goes in the fixtures we dropped off last Friday. They painted the pegboard white. Sadly, while I stopped by this afternoon, I did not take a picture of the pegboard lined up behind the store. I know, you had your heart set on seeing piles o pegboard. I have to say, my sister Wendy and Ric have been unbelievable this past week. After spending all of Friday helping me haul fixtures around, Ric spent hours painting for us today. Thanks!
I did place one order today for an item Emily I liked at Toy Fair, the Twilight Turtle. It's a plush toy, whose back will project a starry night onto the ceiling of any room in blue, green or amber. The turtle even projects eight constellations onto the ceiling. How cool is that?

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