Friday, September 26, 2008

Boxes Boxes Boxes!

I've been ordering like a mad man the past two weeks. Funny thing about that, after a period of time, the orders actually show up. In the past two days, over 100 cartons of toys have showed up. Toys from Playmobil, Safari, North American Bear, Cloud-B, Around the Table Games, Out of the Box Games, Schylling and more. Check out the pic above of the back room - already many more boxes than when I shot the Tour de Store video, eh? eh?
Just today, I dropped piles of money on toys from companies like Alex, Thomas the Tank Engine, Lamaze, Carerra slot cars, Blue Orange Games, Gamewright Games, wind-up toys, Thames and Kosmos and more. And, since our fixtures aren't finished being recoated and we're waiting on the painting to be finished, we've gotta stack up these orders in the back room. It's a race to the finish!

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Anonymous said...

Joe jr.

Best of luck in your new store, and for carring on the Mitchell tridition of quality products.

I've been a friend of your Dad's for over 30yrs, please give him my best. He helped me get started with modeling the American Freedom Train.

John Finnin

Please have your Dad drop me a line.