Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Corolle Dolls

French dollmaker Corolle sent our order confirmation today, so YoYo Joe will know dolls. Check out this cuter than cute babydoll, named Tidoo Suce-Pouce (?). It's twelve inches tall, sucks it's thumb, and has 'sleeping eyes,' which I take to mean that it's eyes close when it lies down. It's also made specifically for bathtime fun - Tidoo floats! It is filled with polystyrene 'beads,' which will dry after being removed from the tub.
Girl toys were always a weak spot for Mitchell's. I attributed it to the image that Mitchell's portrayed - we were primarily a 'boy toy' store - lots of hobbies and trains. We're going to address that weakness by making sure we have lots of toys that are traditionally associated with girls. Look for Tidoo when YoYo Joe's opens this October!

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