Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can I Wrap That For Ya?

OK, it was all right there in our business plan. We're gonna wrap people's gifts. All of 'em. Big ones, small ones, one present, a dozen presents. And we stuck to our guns. We wrapped 'em all. 

Back at Mitchell's, we had a self-wrapping station. We let the customers wrap their own gifts. It was easy to do and we went through maybe three large rolls of wrapping paper a year. 

At YoYo Joe's, we decided we'd wrap the presents. Why? Ever go to a big box store and gotten your purchases wrapped for free? I didn't think so. One of the main goals of our store is to differentiate ourselves and our customers experiences in our store with those at big box stores. Ergo, we have a pirate ship, a reading oasis and we wrap presents. So far this year (all two months of it), we've used up over a dozen rolls of wrap. Four times as much as we used at Mitchell's in a year. All cause we wrap the presents. 

Hey, we're happy to do it. Really, it's not so bad. I've gotten sooooo much better at wrapping things than I used to be. Certainly there are challenges (big ole stuffed animals and a pox on our friends at You've Been Sentenced and their nightmare inducing hexagonal shaped box), but we've gotten through it largely unscathed. A paper cut here and there. 

Oh, by the way, we've decided that a baby-themed wrap will replace the Christmas and Hanukkah wrapping paper on the dispenser once the holiday season ends. 

Thanks to our customers and their patience as we've sometimes gotten a bit backed up with the wrapping. We'll look forward to wrapping all your birthday and holiday gifts for years to come. 

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