Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vice-President Elect visits 'Joe the Retailer'

Today was a monster day at YoYo Joe's. Not only our biggest sales day to date, but we were shocked when Vice-President Elect Joe Biden and his wife stopped in and did some browsing at YoYo Joe's. Joe walked in and approached our friend, yoyoer Jonathan Robinson (who was yo-yoing at the time) and commented on his yo-yoing. JonRob looked up casually and realized who was talking to him and yelled out, "you da man!" Jon had his picture taken with the future VP, but I couldn't find my camera (ugh!), so I didn't get any shots. Jill and Joe browsed a bit, and then headed out.

My most embarrassing moment? When I stopped Emily in her tracks, (she was trying to help a customer) to tell her that the VP Elect was in the building. The customer I interrupted to tell Emily who was here? Jill Biden, who didn't seem shocked at all that Joe Biden was in the store.

Very Exciting stuff!

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Tom said...

Ha! Biden managed to find the only place in America without a camera! Some blogger you are.