Sunday, December 14, 2008

Meet the people at YoYo Joe's - Kelly Winchell

Kelly was Ethan's second grade teacher at Carrcroft Elementary School. She was one of our favorite teachers that Ethan has had, and we invited her and her family (husband Brian, boys Nick and Joey and baby Isabel) to our grand opening party. 

She's taking a year off from teaching, so she was interested in working some hours at YoYo Joe's. We were thrilled to have someone like Kelly here, plus she's a certified Delaware teacher with three children three & under. If anyone knows what kinds of toys would be good for children (both with how they like them and what skills they help them with), it would be Kelly. And I caught her today working on her yo-yoing skills. Watch out Tyler!

Say hi to Kelly the next time you stop in. 

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