Thursday, January 1, 2009

Top 10 Best Selling Toys for 2008 at YoYo Joe's - #8

As we look forward to 2009, I'll take a look back at the hectic two and a half months that made up 2008 at YoYo Joe's and review each of the top 10 best selling items at YoYo Joe's for 2008. Check back each day for the next of our top ten items

Today, I'll take a look at #8 - Bananagrams

Perhaps you'll recall my action packed post back in September about placing our initial order with Bananagrams. If not, step into my time machine. Since that order, we reordered, reordered again, then placed a big honkin' reorder that caused the folks at Bananagrams to call us to make sure we hadn't made a mistake in our quantity. Nope, sure didn't. Bananagrams was our best-selling game at YoYo Joe's.
If you're not familiar with Bananagrams, it seems obvious to me that it was invented by someone who got tired of playing Scrabble the right way, and just made up his own rules. The game features tiles that look almost exactly like Scrabble tiles (except no points). Anyhoo, you turn all 144 tiles upside down, each player picks a number of tiles (depending on how many players are in the game). The game starts when one player calls out 'Split' (get it? Bananas? Split? Banana Split!) and the players turn over the tiles. Each player works on his own crossword puzzle-like arrangement of tiles. If a player runs out of tiles, they call out 'peel' (get it? Bananas HAVE a peel!) and takes a tile from the remaining 'Bunch' (get it? Bunch of Bananas? As in "A Beautiful Bunch of Ripe Banana - Daylight Come and Me want to go home") and each other player also has to take a tile. If you wanna trade in a tile you cannot use, you can call out 'dump' (get it? Banana dump? wait....that doesn't make any should be some banana-ey word!) your tile and get three others in trade. The winner is the person who has no remaining tiles in their hand after the number of tiles in the bunch is less than the number of players playing. If it sounds confusing, that's because I am really really fond of run-on sentences.
It's an awesome game, and comes in a nifty banana pouch that is easily transportable.

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