Sunday, January 25, 2009

Twilight Trouble

The Twilight Ladybug looks innocent enough, doesn't it? Just dozing there, projecting a sky full of stars onto your darkened room. What could possibly be wrong with this picture?
I'll tell you what, under that shell lurks an evil, plotting toy. A toy that clearly is planning on worldwide domination.
Want proof?
Consider this story we heard from one of our customers. They purchased the Twilight Ladybug during the holiday season for their young daughter. She loved it. She turns it on each night and falls to sleep under a ceiling of stars. Seeing how much she enjoyed it, her 12-year old brother has started sneaking into her room after she falls asleep and snags the ladybug for his own room, falling victim to it's addictive mood relaxing images. And even their high school-aged brother got in the act, taking it from his younger brothers room after HE falls asleep. Not to be outdone, one morning found the ladybug in the hallway, next to the family's cat - who was powerless to the serenity projected from the ladybugs shell.
What's next, Ladybug? First this one house, then the neighborhood, then the world?
I better reorder!

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