Monday, April 27, 2009

Soon and only at YoYo Joe's

As you may have noticed, we're big on yo-yos at YoYo Joe's. People come in all the time and our selection and are shocked (shocked!) that we have yo-yos priced as high as $150 (we also have them as low as $5.99). Well, we're about to nearly double the upper end of our price scale.
YoYo Joe's is proud to be the sole retailer of the brand new signature yo-yo of our friend Jonathan Robinson (JonRob) - an elite level yoyoer from Wilmington. JonRob's initial release of his signature yo-yo - the Pure - will be an extremely limited release - less than 25 are available to purchase and only 30 were made of the XO edition. YoYo Joe's will have all of them. They were retail for $284.99 and I've gone from stressing out that we placed such a huge order to stressing that we will not be able to get enough to satisfy the demand. I'm sure these will sell out in a matter of minutes.
It's a hand-painted, hand crafted yo-yo that is the best of the best. Not intended for everyone, the Pure is for someone who appreciates the best quality available.
For those of you who are interested in the Pure, stay tuned. We have not received them yet, but expect them any day. Once they're in stock, our new website will go live and we will accept orders through it.

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