Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Announcing YoYoJoe's Toys & Fun

Flipping the mood of my last post 180 degrees, I am pleased to announce that my wife (Emily) and I are in the process of opening our own toy store here in Delaware. We've finished our business plan, submitted it to our bank and are waiting to hear from them. We have a retail space we've located - only a mile or so from the current location of Mitchell's. We're cautiously optimistic about our chances. The target date for opening is November 1. The store will differ in that it will be smaller (about 25% smaller) than Mitchell's, and it will focus entirely upon toys - specialty toys.

Our mission statement is:

In a world full of discount bins, big box chains, products made of who knows what, and barely a smile counting as “service,” it’s important to have a place that has our children’s development, education, safety and well-being as its top priorities. At YoYoJoe’s Toys & Fun, we provide educational, safe and really fun toys for our customers in an atmosphere that fosters creativity, enthusiasm, and curiosity. We will strive to be experts in our field and share our knowledge with our customers, so that they can feel good about their purchases. We will do all of this while being socially and environmentally responsible members of the business community.

We're aiming high. Our plans include dramatic play areas where children can try out toys, an event calendar that's chock full of fun events throughout the year and a 'bend-over-backwards' approach to customer service. Stay tuned. We'll update this page as we progress. Wanna keep abreast of developments with YoYoJoe's? Sign up to receive updates

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