Thursday, August 21, 2008

YoYoJoe's is officially an LLC.

So, I drove down to Dover today to register YoYoJoe's as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). I got there a little before 1 pm and got to wait around till 5 to get my LLC certificate.

Things to do in Dover when you're waiting for an LLC certificate?

• Open a bank account for YoYoJoe's at the Wilmington Trust on State Street
• Eat at Jake's
• Park behind the Red Roof and check your e-mail on their internet access
• Shop at the Dover Mall (Swim trunks at Old Navy for $6! Score!)
• Walk the Mall in Dover (sadly, despite living in Delaware my entire life, I have never been to the Capital in Dover - it's really quite nice!)
• Wait in the lobby of the Division of Corporations on Federal Street (I snuck the lousy photo above from my chair) until 5:05 pm.

As of 1:33 pm today, YoYoJoe's LLC is officially a Delaware company. Earlier in the day, I got us a Federal E.I. number and business license. So, now we're nice and legal-like.

All we need is a product, fixtures, a built-out location, staff, bags, a sign, computers, a POS system, an accounting system and lots of other stuff.

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JonRisk said...

So cool! I hope one day I can make it down there and see you guys.

If I did live down there I would be the first to apply. =]

~JonRisk aka Yo_shi