Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toy Bill is law

Dubya signed it, so it's law.

The Toy Safety bill that was overwhelmingly passed by the House and the Senate was signed into law by President Bush. This law beefs up the powers of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and significantly reduces the amount of lead and pthalates that can be in toys.

Acting Chairman of the CPSC Nancy Nord commented on the signing of the bill by President Bush on August 14, 2008 “The new product safety legislation signed into law today is a victory for parents and consumers. New regulatory authorities and enforcement tools, many of which I asked of Congress last year, will make it easier for CPSC to find and recall unsafe products made around the world. CPSC is ready to implement the law fully, fairly and in a way that bolsters the safety of children’s products and increases consumer confidence.”

For full text of the law, you can download the Toy Industry of American prepared text here

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