Friday, February 6, 2009

Nothing says 'I Love You' like an Uglydoll

Well, to be honest, just saying 'I Love You' probably says it better than an Uglydoll, but giving an Uglydoll is a whole lot uglier!
Uglydoll's are, in my son's terms, "beast," as in "whoa, that Uglydoll is beast!" Yes, they're ugly - that's the point.
When I first saw them at Toy Fair four years ago, I was all like "yuk, those things will never catch on." And I wasn't alone! Creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim pitched the original Uglydolls to big huge toy manufacturers and they passed on them. They decided to create them on their own and now they've developed a fanatical following. Heck, even President Obama's daughter made news by taking one of them to school in her first week at her new school.
My favorite part of them? The tags. They're awesome! Silly and funny at the same time. And they're soooo soft - great for kids & adults alike. Plus, they've got a great backstory - originally created as a gift during a long distance romance between Kim & Horvath.
YoYo Joe's carries both little Uglydolls and big ones. Come in and check them out, they're in the front of the store in a big trashcan (yep a trashcan). The little ones are in a little trashcan (duh)
For the whole romancy schmancy story of Uglydolls, read this NY Times article.
Check out David Horvath's toy geek blog here.

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