Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday, LEGO!

Apparently, today at 1:58 PM (er 32 minutes ago), LEGO turned fifty! I'm not sure how they pegged an exact time on the creation on arguably the most successful toy in history, but someone did. Check out this article on about the last fifty years of LEGO. Click the timeline above for a bigger (more readable) version.
It's funny, we get lots of people who come in and ask what happened to the big bulk boxes (or tubs) of LEGO that didn't make just one model. LEGO still makes 'em, but only a couple. 99% of their sets go to make a specific model nowadays.
As many people who come in looking for the old fashioned bulk sets, we get at least twice as many looking for specific sets - usually Star Wars. Since Star Wars I, LEGO jumped into the licensed toy arena. As mentioned on this blog, you can now get Indiana Jones LEGO as well as Batman, Spongebob Squarepants and of course Star Wars LEGO.
Regardless of whether LEGO is in the form of a set that makes a specific toy or a bulk box, the beauty of LEGO (and all construction toys, really) is that the kids can tear it apart and make whatever comes to mind. Keep that in mind if you buy a kit to make one model, challenge your child to take that model apart and make something entirely different. It's one way to help them learn creative thinking.

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