Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's Pinewood Derby Time!

If you're in Cub Scouts, chances are your Pinewood Derby race is coming up soon. Traditionally starting after Christmas and running until April or so, the Pinewood Derby is the signature event for most Cub Scout packs. Mitchell's has been selling a huge selection of Pinewood Derby cars and supplies for years. We sell everything from the official kits from Cub Scouts to all sorts of decals, weights and hop-ups to get your Pinewood Derby car in gear.

In a related note, Pinewood Derby is also well known for the varying levels of involvement by dads in Cub Scouts. You have the vast majority of entrants who work as a parent/Scout team to get the car into shape. Then, there's the hardcore entrants who go all out to win the Derby. They even made a movie about it!

Going all the way to the end of that extreme, check out this ebay auction - which takes all annoying Scout involvement out of the process and leaves it in the hands of a former GM Engineer who sells kids the opportunity to win the race. Nice. What kinda of lesson is that? Check out the testimonials from those who bought their way to the victory lap.

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