Sunday, January 6, 2008

Indy, Anyone?

So, back when Star Wars Episode I came out, Lego jumped into the licensed toy market by making a bunch of Lego Star Wars sets. We jumped on em and had tons in stock. Guess what? They didn't sell so well. They weren't as bad as lots of the other Star Wars toys that came out, but sales for them weren't so great. Lego whittled down the collection and moved on.

End of story, right?

Guess again. For the past several years, demand for the Lego Star Wars toys has increased dramatically. Each year, we've been sold out of stuff early into the Holiday season and have not had an ability to reorder due to overwhelming demand. Why? My guess is the interest was driven by the hugely successful Lego Star Wars video games that emerged the last couple of years. The games let kids play using the Lego sets and in the form of the Lego Star Wars characters.

So, now Lego has just released sets to accompany this year's release of the latest Indiana Jones movie. The movie is set to come out on May 22nd. Those LucasArts folks aren't dummies - there's a video game set to come out as well with Lego Indy Jones (video game trailer below). We're stocking the Indy Lego stuff (it has yet to arrive), so we'll see if the demand for Indy Lego matches that for Star Wars Lego.

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