Saturday, March 22, 2008

A $350 yo-yo?

Surely you must be kidding?

Nope, and stop calling me Shirley. And what's more, it sold out in minutes. Anti-Yo, a boutique yo-yo manufacturer from San Francisco, released 75 of the BSP yo-yo. (I'd tell you what BSP stands for, but I'd have to wash my mouth out with soap - those naughty yo-yo manufacturers!) It's a magnificent yo-yo - made entirely of titanium with one half of the yo-yo covered in a zirconium nitrate finish. It's pretty much indestructible. Plus, it sparks when you 'walk the dog' on concrete.

Five retailers around the globe had them on hand to sell as the clock hit midnight Saturday night, and Mitchell's was one of them. We had four of the pricey playthings to sell and once we held a couple for Mitchell's Yo-Yo Club members, we had two that we put online at midnight. They were gone at 12:02 am. Similary, online yo-yo retailers YoYoNation and YoYoGuy sold out in minutes - that is minutes after their web servers recovered initial crash of their sites.

Can there really be 75 people in the world who would spend $350 for a yo-yo? Well, actually, there are more. Plenty of people in both store's online web forums were grumbling that they were not fast enought to scarf up the uber yo-yo.

Where will it end? A $500 yo-yo? A $1000 yo-yo? I certainly was not very comfortable ordering four of these, in the fear that we'd sit on them. Of course now I'm kicking myself for not ordering more.

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Lamar Glenn said...

WOW..... 350 bucks?!! I'll be suprised when they give one of these things away for free!