Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pinewood Derby Steps out!

Pinewood Derby may have started with the Cub Scouts, but plenty of other groups use them as well. One, kinda edgy group that is staging a high-profile Pinewood event is the folks over at Threadless. If you've never heard of Threadless, they're the people that sell the really cool t-shirts over the web - it's a big community thing - people design the shirts, vote on the designs and then Threadless makes the shirts.

Anyhoo, they're staging the ThredLe Mans 48 hour race at their offices in Chicago on May 16th & 17th - you don't need to be present to win, and they're giving prizes not only based on the fastest racers - but the coolest ones too. They're promising "2 days worth of the most thrilling, electrifying, and nail-bitingly chaotic action to ever take place on a 40 foot thin strip of pliable wood."

Check out their ThreadLe Manss website here. If you're interested in Threadless, check out this video tour of their offices.

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