Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Uglydolls can kick your Uglydolls butt!

Boys dig Uglydolls. Curious, cause when I was a kid any boy caught playing with a doll would get his butt kicked three ways till Friday. Of course, I was a kid like thirty friggin' years ago, when they kicked your butt for having short hair and using the wrong curse words. Good times, but I digress...

The New York Times has an awesome article about the attraction of the Uglydoll for boys. I knew the minute I saw them that they weren't gonna sell. Happily, I was wrong and now I'm a big fan of the Uglydolls. At Toy Fair this year, I noticed David Horvath (co-creator of the Uglydolls) at the Ugly booth. I was too nervous to go introduce myself to him. I was thinking, "What am I gonna say? 'Uh...Hi David....I like your dolls'" I'm either not dorky enough or too dorky for that. Oh well. Check out David's awesome blog.

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