Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hilarious piece on FAO Schwartz in 'This American Life'

I'm a big fan of 'This American Life,' a NPR show that airs each week. It's a show (now spunoff into a TV Series on Showtime) that focus' on one theme each week and presents 3-5 'acts' (stories) that are variations of the themes.

On the way down to Disney World, my wife and I listened to some of the podcasts of past shows that had backed up on my Ipod. Show number 347, 'Matchmakers' featured a often hilarious retelling of the experiences of selling ultra high-end Middleton Dolls at FAO Schwartz, in New York City. The storyteller is Elna Baker, an actress in NYC who took a job in the FAO 'Nursery' these babies to rich New York kids. When the dolls are portrayed on a TV show, the demand for the babies skyrocket. Listen to the podcast as the Ms. Baker relates what happens when rich white mommies are faced with a racial dilemma. You can listen to the show by clicking the link above and streaming it, or buy it for 95 cents. Fast forward the show to about 41 minutes - Act three.

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