Tuesday, March 17, 2009

8 Best toys that YoYo Joe's got at/since Toy Fair...so far

7 - Woodstock instruments.

At YoYo Joe's, we pride ourselves that we try to listen to our customers. So, when a customer came in sometime in January looking for a decent quality kids guitar, we made note. We have carried a guitar that is not too expensive, but wooden and works. It did have a couple issues - the strings had a hard time staying tight. Really, it is made more for a child to pretend to play guitar, but if you're gonna buy a guitar for your child, why not get make it playable?

We agreed, so we sought out a company with a decent kids guitar at Toy Fair. When we got to the Woodstock Percussion booth, we felt we found what we were looking for. It's a wooden guitar - a little bigger than our older one - it's 27 inches long. What I like about it is that the strings stay tight. You can really play it! You can actually listen to it being played here. And while it's more than our old guitar, it's still not terribly expensive.

Woodstock also makes other cool things, we especially like the mini chimalong, chimes that are easy for kids to play songs right out of the box.

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