Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing says 'baseball' like the Dizzy Bat Race....

I've loved baseball since I can remember. I love watching the game, playing the game and coaching the game. I love the smell of a fresh cut field of grass in the spring and seeing the players on each team doing their warm up tosses. I love the sound of the scratchy PA system at tiny ballparks when the announcer comes on to say who's at bat.

So, when I had my son and brought him to his first professional baseball game at Blue Rocks Stadium, I was a little surprised that his first reaction was, "who's that?"

Me: Um...that's Rocky Bluewinkle.

Son: He's silly.

My son proceeded to pay attention to Rocky for most of the game. Sure, he glanced at the game every once in a while, but Rocky was the hit. And so was Mr. Celery. And that inflatable baseball dude that's another of their mascots. The games held his attention too, like the Dizzy Bat Race. So I learned several lessons that day

- perhaps 3 was a 'bit' too young to expose my son to a baseball game.
- little kids love mascots and dizzy bat races.

So, it pleases me to announce that, for the 2009 season, YoYo Joe's Toys & Fun will be the official sponsor of the Dizzy Bat Race at every Wilmington Blue Rocks home game. Um, that's the Dizzy Bat Race, brought to you by YoYo Joe's Toys & Fun in the Concord Gallery, baby!

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Tom said...

If you're going to sponsor the "Dizzy Bat Race", they should allow some creative input on the contest name. Here are some suggestions:

Yoyo Joe’s Gyroscopically-Challenged Pine Pursuit

Yoyo Joe’s Cerebrally-Limited Lumber Trot

Yoyo Joe’s Woozy-Noggin Club Contest

Yoyo Joe’s Woozy Pine Pursuit

Yoyo Joe’s Decentralized-Dude Dash
Yoyo Joe’s

Yoyo Joe’s Gyroscopically-Challenged Human Hobble

Yoyo Joe’s Loopy Louisville Lurch