Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Frogs have taken over at YoYo Joe's

We found lots of new stuff at Toy Fair, some which we loved, some which we hated, some which we had no idea whether it was good or not.
Under the last category was the EcoAquarium. It's a small square plastic aquarium with a living eco system inside. Each aquarium includes 'living gravel,' a living stalk of bamboo, at least one snail and two dwarf African frogs (or in the case of our current stock - three frogs since they sent us some extras). The aquariums are small (4x4x5), and require only minimal maintenance. You feed the frogs twice a week (a years supply of food is included - although with a 'bonus' frog, it may only last 2/3 of a year). You clean out the water twice a year with spring water (no tap water, no distilled water). The snail should clean out the frog....er...waste... Oh, and they're all male, so no mating will take place (or no successful mating, anyway)
The frogs have been an endless source of entertainment to us since they arrived last week. They seem to be partial to 'voguing,' seemingly freezing into poses for several minutes, then lauching into motion. We have several names for their poses.

- The Ahhnold Scwhartzenfrogger - Posing like a muscleman (no girly frogs here)
- The Dead Frog's Float - We thought one frog was dead, to the point where I opened the aquarium and poked him a bit and he didn't move. I told the customer that I felt the frog was 'no longer with us,' when the frog launched into action.

- The Leap Frog - one frog is piled up on another
- The Running Man (er...frog)- seemingly posing mid stride. 


Anonymous said...

we have these frogs. 1 question: how do you change the water? the top will not come off.... and where can you get more food?

Joe Mitchell said...

The tops on the aquariums we sell do come off. They are just pressure fit and should pop off.

When I change the water, I use a turkey baster (one comes in their care & food pack, if you bought that) and just remove enough water to leave the frogs barely covered. I then clean the sides using a wet cloth (do not use any cleaners), wiping off any algae that has grown on the sides. Then fill the aquarium again with spring water (it must say 'spring' on the bottle, not distilled or purified). That's it.

We sell the food - you should be able to get it where you got the frogs - if not, you can call us to order it (866-YOYOJOE) - it's only $3.99 for a years supply.