Monday, March 23, 2009

8 Best toys that YoYo Joe's got at/since Toy far - #4

#4 - Miyim Soft Toys - Not only are these plush toys awesomely soft and lovable, they're organic & won't break your budget.
For the past two years at Toy Fair, I've seen lots of toys that are jumping on the renewable, organic & recycling bandwagon. Alas, these features usually come at a price, it's just a part of the industry that needs to grow more for prices to come down. We were thrilled to find miYim organic toys at this year's Toy Fair, as they fit the bill as far as quality and price.
Consider the "Baby Fred Plush Monkey" on the left. It's 9 inches tall, made from soft organic cotton, colored with non-toxic dyes and chemical free. He comes wearing a white hemp jacket, and it's only $22.99. It even comes in a recycled box that makes for great gift-giving.
The Bunny Lovie Blankie (right) is 10x10 and is also made from the organic cotton material and dyed with non-toxic dyes. It's only $15.99.
All their items are appropriate for all ages

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