Wednesday, March 18, 2009

8 Best toys that YoYo Joe's got at/since Toy far - #6

6 - Hex Bugs - Little robotic bugs at little prices. The smallest of the 'bugs' has antenna that act as a guide - when it bumps into the wall, it turns around and heads in a different direction. There's also a little crab that automatically seeks dark places (emo crab?) and a remote control 'worm' that spins and walks at your command. They run from $10.99 - $22.99.

Wanna geek it out? They seem to be popular targets for people to modify. Don't believe me, search for 'Hex Bug' on youtube or check out this blog posting of a hack to your HexBug to add a PCI board to it.

Check this Toy Directory video from Toy Fair:

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