Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One of our goals this year is to beef up our book selection. We sold books well last year, and since we're partial to books we want to increase the number and quality of the books we sell. As such, I've been trying to do some research into kids books. While researching, I've come across a couple awesome kids book resources - I blogged about Al Roker's kids book club before, and now I want to let you know about another great kids book website - READKIDDOREAD.com
The website was founded by James Patterson, a writer of both children's and adult books who sold more than 16 million books in 2007 alone. ReadKiddoRead.com was established to, according to his website "help parents and educators connect their children with the books that will turn them into lifelong readers"
It's a great clearinghouse of reviews, suggestions for books within four categories (illustrated, transitional, pageturners and advanced) for all ages & they also suggest books for girls & boys.
If you're not sure what books you should recommend for your child, this is a great place to start.

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