Friday, October 3, 2008

Cold Turkey!

That's it! No more pirate ship updates. I'm done, I'm outta here (just like Shane Victorino's grand salami last night).

We've decided that, instead of spoiling the surprise and posting lots of pics of the pirate ship ahead of time, we'd make everyone wait until our (shhhhh) unofficial opening day of October 20th. The official-like opening day is November 1st, but that's for the people who don't read the blog. The 'Anti-Blog-Ites.' You know the type...anyhoo, look for more updates on the status of the store, but look at those pictures long and hard, cause until October 20th, that's all you have to work with. And, in my very biased opinion, it's flippin' awesome.

1 comment:

JonRisk said...

Dang! Now I'll have to visit the store when it opens! You need to talk to Jack at A2Z... they don't have a pirate ship.... =]

Will you be doing a yo-yo club thing there?