Thursday, October 9, 2008

And now for something completely different..

on a far less depressing note than the last post, here's a peek at a display that Emily set up a couple days ago. It's a three-tiered display that Emily picked out. She merchandised it with a couple of the cool brands that will be new to YoYo Joe's from people who shopped at Mitchell's. It's a French toy company called 'Boikido.' (They're the company that made the ride-on cat I posted about a while back.) It looks great and it will greet you as you enter the store - starting October 20th!
The past couple of days have seen boxes pouring into YoYo Joe's. The past two days alone have seen nearly 150 boxes of product show up at our store. It doesn't seem so long ago that I was posting each company as it arrived. Now, I'm happy if I can sort the boxes into recognizable lumps in a field of cardboard. And the funny thing is, I have no this stock is waaaay too much for our space, way too little, or just right.
Tomorrow should go a long way to helping us determine that, as we rent a truck to go down to pick up the fixtures we dropped off weeks ago to be powder coated. Once we have those, we should be able to much better lay out our store.
Have I mentioned that the pirate ship is flippin' awesome? Yes? Oh....ok...


Brandon Jackson said...

Yeah post pictures of the yoyo section of the store! I have dedicated 1/2 of the floorspace to yoyos right?

Joe Mitchell said...

Oddly, Brandon, I have not set up the yo-yo section! Up until two days ago, we didn't even have any yo-yos in stock. Duncan and (gasp) Yomega are in, YoYo Jam and YoYo Factory are on their way.