Sunday, October 5, 2008

Moving along

Over the weekend, we marked lots and lots and lots of toys. On Saturday, our good pal Ann Lake from ONLC was at the store for a ludicrous amount of time. She hung around until we packed it in around 1 am. Emily and Ann marked our huge Melissa & Doug order. Today, we got through most of what was left, thanks to Emily's sister Angie, our niece Megan and her friend who stopped by for a couple hours. They made quick work of the portion of Learning Curve order that showed up on Friday.

The painters finished on Friday. Kris and Nate left yesterday morning. Yes, that means the pirate ship is done. Well, almost done. We still have some special elements to add to it. Right now, the ship is being run by Captain Underpants (that's him in the picture), who sits high above the ship with a pirate hat, a sword and an earring.

We've begin setting up some of the fixtures. The Thomas the Tank Engine fixtures are set up now, as are a row of Ikea shelving in the front. Emily, as we speak, is merchandising the plush/book department at the front of the store.

More pix soon!

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