Friday, October 10, 2008

Now this is cool...

I just found this website today. It's from an organization called Jumpstart. Their mission is to highlight the importance of early education. The way they do it is to organize mass readings on the same day around the country of the same book. They attempt to break a world record to get more publicity for early education. Sounds pretty cool, right? Unfortunately, I found this site a couple days too late, as the readings took place on October 2nd.

But, there's one section that's really cool - it features guest readings of this year's book - Corduroy by Don Freeman. The guest readers include, among others, LeVar Burton, Emmylou Harris, the NFL's James Thrash and our favorite early book author Mo Willems. You can read the book online and have the guest reader read along with you. Click here to go to Jumpstart's "Look Who's Reading" page.

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