Sunday, October 12, 2008

Racks of shelves

Here is a picture I shot yesterday with my cell phone at the powder coaters. These are the racks as they emerged from the powder coating process. The shelves hang from the racks in as they are being powder coated and when they come out, they're real hot. You could feel the heat emanating from them. We got the T-sections coated in white and the shelves coated in a textured blue. After they cooled, we packed them in our rental truck and headed up to YoYo Joe's, where my dad, Ric, Wendy, Ethan and Emily all helped unload them. It took a while, but we had a good assembly line going.

We immediately set them up, below is a picture that shows the before and after of the shelving. They used to be a generic ivory color. (We used to joke that Mitchell's painted everything 'Mission Ivory'). They look great! We're very excited about them.

Several more people poked their heads in today - we had a visit by a couple children who seemed quite impressed with the pirate ship, plus a bunch of Ric's relatives stopped by. T-minus 8 days!

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