Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Saturday night, do you know where your toy store owner is?

He's right here. Sitting in front of the computer, entering wicked cool pirate hats into the point-of-sale system. And drinking a beer (Dogfish Head Festina Peche - eh...tastes like a wine cooler). And watching the U of D Sluggish Blue Hens fumble away a game on Game Cast. Less than nine days till the unofficial opening! Yikes! Emily is out on the sales floor merchandising the arts & crafts area. Ethan is sleeping over at his buddies house.

Our sales floor has come a long way, but it's hard to believe that we're just over a week away from opening. We've got so much to do! Here's some good news, YoYo Joe's has yo-yos! We got our shipments from Duncan and YoYoJam - and some really cool stuff is on it's way from YoYo Factory in Arizona.

Merchandise is piled up in the back room - we're slowly easing it onto the sales floor. I picked up the powder coated fixtures yesterday in Middletown, they look awesome! We set them up late last night.

Also, we've had more than one "fan of the blog" stop by and say hi. To say that I was shocked that anyone besides our families was following the blog would be putting it mildly! Our short conversation yesterday with Rand and Louise made our day!

More pics later....must....enter....merchandise....


André said...

Keep up the good work Joe! It will all pay off. :)

Ran Barton said...

Yikes - it's very meta to follow a blog and see yourself in it. It was fun to see the shop on Friday, and we're eager to come back on the 20th.