Monday, February 25, 2008

There Will Be (Lego) Blood

Were you ever using your Lego figures playing that scene in The Matrix where Neo and Trinity are going through the lobby of that building shooting, oh, about a billion rounds into the guards, the walls, the floor, the ceiling, the light fixtures, the elevator and everything and anything around? Did you ever feel kinda empty cause your lego dudes had to make do with that little piece that kinda, sorta looks like a gun, but was actually designed to be a light fixture?

Well, my friends, your worries are over! Thanks to the folks over at BrickArms, your Lego dude will never go into a gun fight armed with a knife. You can choose from all sorts of mayhem inducing choices - pistols (with or without silencers), sawed off shotguns, sniper rifles, military weapons, hand grenades and even a rocket propelled grenade launcher for the little kid playing terrorist vs Humvee in your family.

They even have armed-to-the-teeth mini figures available for your search and destroy missions.

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