Friday, February 22, 2008

Four billion and counting...

Everyone had a pile of Hot Wheels when they were a kid. I know I did. I'd play with them on our oval shaped carpet in our family room. It was a braided rug, with different color 'lanes' on it, so it lent itself to car playing. A race would start out and would, inevitably, end up in a tragic 53 car pile-up with one car limping to the finish line. Ah....good times...

Anyhoo, Hot Wheels celebrated it's four billionth car at Toy Fair with the car seen on the left. What is it? Oh, just an 18-karat white gold car that's covered in blue, white and black diamonds. There are rubies for tail lights. The case for the car is covered with 40 diamonds!

The car is valued at around $140,000 and will be auctioned off for charity later this year.

"Since its introduction, Hot Wheels has revolutionized boys' toys and inspired automotive trends,” said Tim Kilpin, general manager and senior vice president, Boys and Entertainment, Mattel Brands.

"The historic activities we have planned are a fitting tribute to the brand's heritage and will allow us, and our fans, to celebrate this milestone year in true Hot Wheels style."

For a photo gallery of the making of a $140,000 Hot Wheel car, click here.

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