Monday, February 11, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover Madness!

If you live in or around Wilmington, Delaware, you're probably aware of the houses that are being built by the Extreme Makeover crew in Wilmington, Delaware. They started the project last Tuesday and the day of completion is listed as tomorrow.

We got a call from someone from the show last week looking for some toy donations to help fill out the rooms for the kids involved. So, we are donating some games and toys to the kids. It was certainly hard to pick out stuff for kids who I've never met, but the guy who called mentioned that one room was a 'shark room,' and that one of the boys liked sharks. So, we are donating one of the Melissa & Doug Sharks to the room.

Also of interest (at least to me) is that I volunteered at the site this morning. And, by morning I mean 2 am - 9 am. And it was friggin cold. As in around 10 degrees. And it was windy. So, I got a chance to go into the shark room and sneak a quick picture. I didn't see any stars. I wasn't filmed. I cut my finger while moving closet cabinets. (BTW, apparently no one has band-aids at these things - I shoved my bloody hand into my work gloves so the blood didn't get on the cabinets) Did I mention it was friggin cold?

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