Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lego at Toy Fair

Our Lego experience at Toy Fair consisted of a breezy 20-minute tour through the booth. We asked to be brief, and our rep complied.
What was most impressive about our Lego experience at Toy Fair were all the life-sized Lego people that were in New York City. Sunday night we attended the ASTRA Party with the Stars event at FAO Schwartz. FAO had multiple life-sized Lego people - including four Harry Potter figures (see Ron to the left with Scabbers/Peter Pettigrew), Sponge-Bob and R2-D2. They also had a huge Lego city set up. The Lego booth at Toy Fair had Indiana Jones, C3PO and a Star Wars clone figure.
Lego's new offerings this year include new Star Wars sets from the Clone Wars television show coming later this year, new license Speed Racer, updated sets in the City Line. Click here for some pics of the sets from Gearlog.

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